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Streamlined communications and process automation is critical for organizations to enhance employee morale by providing necessary tools to perform day-to-day tasks. Failure to provide these tools lowers productivity, increases turnover, and churns supervisor time responding to manual requests on a daily basis. The cost is extensive, adding to higher staffing, on-boarding, and administrative costs. Pipkins Web Access functionality provides productivity tools to agents and supervisors to make their workday easier.

Pipkins' Web Access empowers agents to manage day-to-day activities, as well as personal performance, through online productivity tools. This functionality enables agents in the front and back office the capability to:

  • View schedules, as well as changes made on a real time basis
  • Submit change requests and trade shifts with other agents based on business rules
  • View KPI's delivered real time through the notification system, allowing agents to quickly change behavior to meet goals
  • Manage vacation time through automated requests according to business rules defined by the HR system
  • Communicate with other agents via a bulletin board system

Tools are now available for managers to remotely monitor agent activities. Supervisors are no longer tethered to desktop clients and VPN networks that limit when critical information is accessible. By using a web browser or smart phone, supervisors have the ability to:
  • Manage agent schedule changes and requests
  • Manage and process vacation request information
  • View Real Time Adherence information with one click schedule edits, or send messages directly to agents
  • Send custom notification messages to individuals or groups of agents through a real time system
  • Run contact center and back office reporting metrics such as agent statistics, adherence and organizational statistics


By utilizing Pipkins' Web Access functionality, organizations will ensure personnel have the tools necessary to increase productivity and automate processes, while reducing staffing costs and improving their bottom line.

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